Monthly 1k First Task

Hey guys,

After a few days of wondering if this would be a good time to get started at this, I decided to take a plunge and just do it. I’m starting a business! Yeay.

This is not the first time that I try to do it, but it is the first time that I do it while not having a main job. After watching an interview with Noah Kagan from Appsumo, I’ve decided to take the monthly1k challenge.

Seems silly and weird to me too, but this is the first step of the challenge and the purpose is to force us to be comfortable being uncomfortable.

Because I don’t really think that it is cool to ask for money I decided to do some good with it, I’m going to give it to a non profit organization and post that organization here on the website (if you have any suggestion on that please just post it on the comment section below).

You’ve always been supportive and I’m excited. Would you mind contributing my first dollar to me? Please donate $1 here:


Thanks for everything, -

Mario Miguel